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The EB Club

At the EB Club we use E-Blocks, a multi sensory learning platform that has revolutionized education and the way we teach in our centres. Built on sound pedagogical research, E-Blocks has earned international acclaim from educators worldwide. What is unique about this method is that it encourages children to utilize multiple senses simultaneously, promotes co-operative learning and makes use of a well established pedagogical principle in the field of education called "learning by doing". Reaching aural, visual and kinesthetic learners, the total response learning theory comes to life with this rich multimedia programme.

The EB Club offers the following After School Hours Programme for children from 2 Yrs. - 14 Yrs.

1. English Language Lab for Beginners : 2 - 14 Yrs.

2. Maths : KG - Grade 3

The E-Blocks

E-Blocks brings students’ interaction with system to a new dimension. With E-Blocks children ages 2 to 14, learn English and Maths. Children learn with exciting pictures, music, animations, and games that encourage collaborative work and make learning meaningful, successful, and a concrete social experience

All the programs in the E-Blocks family use a consistent innovative approach to learning. Therefore, the same sensory panel can be used to extend the learning across the curriculum, in subjects like English (ESL and first literacy) and math.

Hands on Learning

E-Blocks uses a structured approach that emphasizes learning by doing. By promoting hands-on, direct interaction with the content, E-Blocks encourages children to generate their own set of rules and models, which then become the basis for further learning experiences.

Total Physical Response

E-Blocks follows the principles of the Total Physical Response (TPR) teaching method, promoting the associations between listening, reading and doing. The use of concrete materials coupled with abstract computer-generated stimuli is a research-proven method that fosters the development of cognitive skills.

Cooperative Learning

There is strong evidence that early social and emotional development and language development are closely interrelated. Each E-Blocks sensory panel is designed to accommodate up to six students working simultaneously on the tasks presented by the software, making it ideal for small group pull-outs. Shared learning provides opportunities for discussions, empowers students by giving them responsibility for their own learning, and fosters critical thinking skills.

Multiple Sensory Learning

E-Blocks focuses on activating all senses as much as possible. Children take in information through their senses. They learn what they see, hear and do. The kinesthetic, auditory and visual stimuli provided by the manipulation of the blocks and the multimedia software responses afford access to the content to students with multiple learning styles. This is why E-Blocks is such an effective learning tool.


Working in small groups, the children sit around the E-Blocks sensory panel. Activities include
• Topic presentation, i.e. letters or vocabulary are introduced in a visually exciting format including sound and animation.
• Practice through interactive activities using pictures, animation and sound to reinforce learning.
• Consolidation of skills through games, songs, chants and rhymes.
• Revision through games.

This Program won several awards including the World Summit Award (WSA) in 2005 from the United Nations for the best e-learning solution in education.