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Preschool Parent's Testimonials


Hello & Hi to everyone. I'm parent of Dhakahitha.

My kid enjoys to be in the COCOON. The principle goal of "COCOON" is here they teach students to do new things and give pace to bring their "Thoughts". , Attitude, words, values & skills all these are important for the students to reach their destiny. This is what The COCOON Preschool give to our kids. They educate students to be happy . As a parent we are contented with "The COCOON Preschool"

Mrs. Jeevitha M - Parent of  Dhakahitha : 2016-17

Hello all I am Mrs. CHITHRA PRADAP,
COCOON a place for kids to open up their wings to fly 
My Daughter P.AKSHARA had been there for her preschool program which really made her days enjoyable. 

The COCOON’s prime motive is to enable the innate talent of the kids through systematic and planned approach. Teachers are really benevolent and merciful towards the kid that’s what the main thing which I personally feel and the last  but not the 
least the environment and places were neatly maintained 
to take care of the kid’s health which made them to feel as if 
they are at home.

Mrs. Chithra Pradap - Parent of Akshara : 2015-16