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Karate for Kids

Karate is the ideal sport for kids for building self-confidence, balance, co-ordination, discipline and courtesy, while learning basic self-defence skills.

Karate provides  a win-win environment where as in most sports, the participant gains feedback on performance by either winning or losing against their competition. While competition brings out competitive spirit, it can hinder the development of self-confidence for those children who don't win frequently. As karate is a non-competitive sport the only competitor is one’s self. Therefore, as a participant continues to improve each week, they only ever find themselves winning, which serves to bolster the child’s self-esteem.  

Karate offers a coloured belt system where all students start at White belt and work up through different colours (Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Black Tip and finally, Black belt). This serves not only to measure a child’s progress but also provides a journey to embark on. Children are encouraged to set goals for these belts, which teaches them life skills of setting a target and working towards achieving it.  

Our Karate Masters have been training our children and has been taking them for grading, some of our children have already passed blue, green and red belt, grading is done every 4 months, we will inform you when your child is ready for grading.

Regular Karate classes are conducted on Weekday Batches ( Mon & Wed  @ 5:30 - 6:30 pm )  and Weekend Batches  (Sat & Sun @ 7:30-8:30 am ).

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