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The COCOON Learning Center     

  Transforming Young Minds

The COCOON Preschool Curriculum

The Curriculum is compliant with ALL respected Early Education policies. It is based largely on the Montessori philosophy, keeping in mind today's Indian social and academic context. It is developmentally appropriate and is based on the age of the child. This makes it highly individualised for every child.

 We believe preschool education should give as much exposure as possible to the child in all areas of development. Appropriate stimulus is the key to early learning. Hence, the activities have been designed keeping the child in mind and ensuring there is “directional” play all the time. It would involve 

    • individual learning with materials
    • small group activities in art , language and gross motor skills
    • learning through a thematic approach
    • occasional support learning through role plays, presentations, story telling  
    • reading
    • field trips
    • project based learning for older children
    • cultural celebrations


We have clear objectives drawn from scientific & tested Early Education theories. The objectives are defined keeping in mind the child's capabilities as well as what we have to prepare him for in various areas like -

            Fine Motor skills, Gross Motor skills, Sensorial Development


            Mathematics, Science, Environment 

            Creative areas like art and music        

The Environment


For a child below 6, curriculum comprises the environment which in turn means that we offer the child to learn. It is essential that a young child gets daily experience with learning aids which have specific usage, derived from the curriculum.

All areas of work for the child, both internal and external have been planned with extreme care to facilitate self learning, and implement the objectives set in the curriculum.

The Materials

Every material in our environment has been designed and created keeping in mind the objectives. We try and achieve every objective through the materials, because children at this age need concrete experiences to undertand and follow any concept. Once they work with the materials they move on to abstract learning on paper with our own specially designed workbooks and activities. 

The materials are non-toxic, extremely attractive and scientific.

The Teachers

Our teachers are intensively trained on every aspect of the methodology, curriculum and objectives. The philosophy is the most critical part of their training and they understand the importance of their attitude and behaviour in terms of impact on the child.


We assess the child almost every day to see if we are helping them reach the objectives. This regular monitoring gives us a keen insight into the working of the child and helps us give them appropriate activities.

What Will My Child Will Do?


Everything done at The COCOON Preschool has been intrinsically designed to set a child up for success. Children are given Lessons with materials from choosing activities they would like to work with. They can repeat and explore them as they desire.

At the same time they are closely observed by teachers who gently encourage children to master the activity.




Our classrooms is organized into following areas of learning

1) Language Area

2) Art Corner

3) Cognitive Corner

4) Senso motor skills

5) EPL (Exercises of Practical Life)

6) Outdoor Learning Environment


How Will It Benefit My Child?


Our aim is to maximize the potential of every child by treating them as active learners that need choice and independence.  The COCOON Preschool Montessori education teaches children how to learn instead of just what to learn. The end result is a lifelong love of learning which primes them for successful careers in any direction they pursue. Children who benefit from these experiences grow into confident adults.